Macro recorder 2

So lots of people find the MR useful, me too. Especially when the documentation is completely nonsensical.

So who misses ‘record at mark’?

Who can remember when that was quietly retired? (97?)

Stephen Bullen has an add-in to put it back here.

For those of you too young to remember Excel 95, record at mark allowed you to record directly within a routine you were part way through. Instead of the more modern more clumsy always creating a new sub that you have to cut and paste from. In the olden days, if you got everything set up right (right selection etc) you could record the vba for a single operation within a loop, stop, select another line record another operation and so on. No copying no pasting (in theory). Me I always ended up cutting pasting or deleting, or correcting references.

I must admit I’m happy to keep the junk I record away from hand written code. what about you?



7 Responses to “Macro recorder 2”

  1. Rick Williams Says:

    I agree with you. I’d much rather keep the recorded code separate – it so often needs revision of some sort anyway before using it.

    My most common use for the macro recorder is to save time when I wish to programmatically format cells. Those large With blocks, .leftborder, .rightborder, .font.bold, etc… are much easier to just record, and then perhaps I may just change “With Selection” to “With rang(…)”. Really, I just couldnt’ be bothered typing all that code!

  2. ChipG Says:

    I do wish that the MR did not insist on creating a new Module after a workbook is closed and reopened. Maybe there’s a setting for that that I have not explored. But it’s a nuisance to switch to a different module window vs. just having the code at the bottom where I can ctrl-X and ctrl-V and clean the rest of the mess later.

    Hence, I suppose, your request for a tabbed environment. That would make it a lot easier even if the code were in a separate module.

  3. Ross Says:

    I don’t care much about the at mark feature, – you dont miss what you didn’t have I guess.
    I tend to use MR for a few things getting code I don’t know, or have forgotten – often then using F1 to see all the details, formatting cells etc. But I sometimes I just use a whole lot of MR code to say, make a pivot a table or dump data into a new book and format it. I know the code is rubbish, but it’s wrapped up in one place, and it save me having to worry about it too much – lazy I guess.

  4. jonpeltier Says:

    Ross – Don’t sell yourself short, that’s “encapsulation”. :)

    Simon – I don’t miss Record at Mark. To me it’s safer to put the recorded stuff elsewhere, modify it, and insert it where I need it. This forces me to pass the code through my consciousness, so I understand what it does and how, and so I have a chance to clean it up.

  5. ChipG Says:

    btw, I just noticed the “possibly related posts (automatically generated)” under the entry. hmmm…”possibly” indeed. two of the three I can’t fathom how they got there.

  6. Simon Says:

    Chip – you dont think ‘following a rabbit’ has anything to do with the macro recorder??
    lets hope its just a beta eh?

  7. ChipG Says:

    Check what the possibly related links are on the bottom of the Following the Rabbit post are. They link back to you (since trippy hippie music obviously relates to the Macro Recorder in Excel and I’m sure Mark Fry is a big Excel user), but also to other unusual places.

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