Office Live Workspace hits 1 million users

Heres the details.

Anyone here using it?

It sounds to me like a sensible mix, full rich client for the main creation stuff and then some lightweight viewer that can also do minor mods via a browser.

Of course I don’t use it as I don’t have a burning need to share documents that email doesn’t already address. I guess I should show more willing for these things as everyone is telling us collaboration is key and this is collaboration. What about you?



4 Responses to “Office Live Workspace hits 1 million users”

  1. Harlan Grove Says:

    Is that 1 million users, as in different human beings, or 1 million distinct logon IDs, as in some duplication from some people using different Passport accounts to log on to different sessions, not least to test collaboration themselves using multiple concurrent sessions?

  2. Jayson Says:

    Given that Microsoft is taking a beating as of late, I’d assume that this is distinct user IDs. And if that’s the case, I’m probably one of the 1 million and I’ve only logged on once to find out it was something I wouldn’t really use.

    I seem to remember something about that fact that since the documents were shared they could use features like VBA and filtering which happen to things I use a lot in documents.

  3. jonpeltier Says:

    Windows Live, Office Live, blah blah. I used Windows Live OneCare, the MS anti-malware system, for a bit, but it was too inflexible and too dumbed-down. I think I’ve also signed up for a web page through some other Windows Live thing, or maybe it was Office Live. Who knows? So how many of these users do I represent? And I’m not actively using any of it.

  4. Dennis Wallentin Says:

    I read somewhere that MSFT set up approximated 10.000 servers / month for this adventure.

    I guess that they expect to get some ROI on it but it will not be on my account.

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