The Bing Effect

That Bing thing is actually sending visitors to codematic.

whoda thunk it?

Persusing the stats the other day (instead of working of course) I notice that almost 3% of (none direct link) visitors came via Bing (as a link, not a search result), about 6% came from Yahoo!, and the rest from Google.

I feel bad now for dissing it, 3% is pretty good I reckon for something so new, against such established competition.

I am quite interested to see its impact over the whole month, anyone else noticed a bit of Bing trafffic?

I should maybe start using it myself. Are you?

And on a separate but related issue I’m seeing 55% IE, 30% Firefox, 5% chrome for July so far. Seems to be somewhat short of the monopoly the EU seems to be accusing them of. Instead of Windows 7 E maybe the EU should just say carry on as you are?



11 Responses to “The Bing Effect”

  1. Ken Puls Says:

    I get about 93% Google, 4% Yahoo and 2% Bing, with a couple of small engines rounding out the last percent.

    I use it, as well. To me the results are pretty similar to Google, and I actually find the search seems faster. (Haven’t measured it, but that’s my impression.)

  2. Jon Peltier Says:

    How does Bing now compare to MSN or Live or whatever they called it in months past? I haven’t checked in a while (because I don’t think the last single digit means very much) but your numbers are reminiscent of those I recall from last year.

  3. martin rushton Says:

    how many of that 55% are using IE because they can’t be bothered or don’t know how to download another browser. I think that is the EU’s position and worry. I suspect given the knowledgable crowd you attract very few won’t know how so its just down to those that can’t be bothered or fit in to a couple of other scenarios.

    1) Corporate build. Until recently I had a choice at work of any browser as long as it was IE6. New installs now offer Firefox as well but it will be several years untill Firefox is universal here.

    2)Necessity. From home I use OWA and another work application which are both about as useful as a chocolate fireguard on anything but an IE browser. I try to use Firefox for everything else but don’t always remember.

    I suspect IE is the only browser used by a lot more than 55% of the less knowledgeable who do have a choice (even if they don’t know it)

  4. Simon Says:

    Martin, fair points, I’m not against authorities checking out the competitiveness, the point I was hinting at is that MS is on a self destruct path anyway.

  5. Dennis Wallentin Says:

    Simon et al,

    What is Bing?

    Thanks in advance,

  6. Harlan Grove Says:

    Dennis, why not Google Bing?

  7. Dennis Wallentin Says:

    Harlan – I realized I could do that *after* I made the post. Funny, I have not read anything about Bing but when I accessed it I noticed it still on the beta stage.

    Kind regards,

  8. dougaj4 Says:

    Googlling Bing gets about 51 million hits, but Binging Bing only gets about 5 million.

    But they do look a lot neater.

    What’s the Sydney Opera House like building on thier front page?

  9. Rob Bruce Says:

    If you roll over the picture, various explanatory tooltips appear.

  10. dougaj4 Says:

    Thanks Rob, I totally missed the tooltips.

    I should have guessed it was a Calatrava.

  11. Bob Phillips Says:

    Bit of a giveaway when the rollovers ask where is it and there are ads at the bottom for learning Spanish and Vaencian recipes.

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