Too hot

Ken Puls has a post about how it is too hot where he is.

Welcome to sunny Cumbria:


That’s right ‘summer’ is in full swing here: its pouring down and 14 deg C!

Anyone thinking of visiting the lake district can be assured there is plenty of water in the lakes! don’t bother with sun cream, but bring a waterproof coat. Its been like this for weeks now.



12 Responses to “Too hot”

  1. Ross Says:


  2. Dick Moffat Says:


    Looks like here in Eastern Canada. Cool and wet – but some nice summer thunderstorms to wake up to (like this morning).


  3. Debra Dalgleish Says:

    Ah, those west coast Canadians are always complaining.
    “It’s too hot!”
    “We got 1/2 inch of snow!”

    Yeah, I have mushrooms growing in my back yard, and am trying to convert the ark plans to the metric system.

  4. Mike Staunton Says:

    Surely the “lake” part of lake district gave you a clue when you were moving there – just you didn’t except there to be a growing number of small temporary lakes added to the large lakes already there

  5. Bob Phillips Says:

    You should come to the sunny south coast Simon, where the temperature is always pleasnt, and it never rains.

  6. Gordon Says:

    Yes, the barbeque summer is really working out well, isn’t it? The grass in my back garden hasn’t been cut for weeks and it’s looking like a jungle out there…

    I can’t complain too much though, we spent a great week at Whinfell Center Parcs a few weeks ago (part of the reason for the lawn getting out of hand) and the weather was ace.

  7. Marcus from London Says:

    When people ask why I moved from Melbourne (Oz) to London my tongue-in-cheek answer is ‘the weather’.

    Whilst not the hottest place in the world, excessive heat can be debilitating.

    Without air-con, Ken wont be sleeping tonight.

  8. Patrick O'Beirne Says:

    Same sun & rain on this side of the Irish Sea.
    OTOH it means we don’t get the forest fires that are endangering parts of Southern Europe.

    BTW Ken also had a post on Debra’s Excel Nerds competition. Of course, you had to be a blog-following nerd to even see it in the first place as it only lasted two days.

    I’m in Linked it but it’s spawning Excel groups at a dizzying pace. I imagine some will die from underuse, but it’s a pity that it’s so fragmented, which does not permit a KB (or a BOK?) to accumulate.

    I use Google Alert to remind me of posts to DDOE, and SOS. What are the other blogs that people always follow?

  9. Simon Says:

    Patrick John W has done all the hard work here:
    download that OPML file and point your rss reader at it. job done.

    I know what you mean about fragmentation, but it is mitigated by Google (and Bing)

  10. Patrick O'Beirne Says:

    Thanks, Simon,

    “download that OPML file and point your rss reader at it. job done.”

    I rightclicked on the .opml file and it downloaded as XML.
    In IE8.0.6001 I clicked Favorites, Import, Feeds, browsed to the file, selected Feeds as where it was to go … but nothing has appeared in the feeds list.

    I could start Googling for “IE8 RSS Feed import does not work” but like so much else with MS software, is it worth the effort? I’ll stick to what I’ve bookmarked for the moment.

  11. JP Says:

    FYI, Google Reader lets you import an OPML/XML file.

  12. Patrick O'Beirne Says:

    Thanks, JP, I’m using that now!

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