Office Web apps

Anyone know how to get this bag of hammers working with skydrive?

I am pointing my Win XP 2010RC install at my skydrive account and all I get is Download, never Edit or View.

Its a full 2010 install on a VPC, I’m using a .xlsx, I am struggling to find any grown up info about how this is meant to work. There is the either the childish vacuous MS user focused fluff, or the full gory Sharepoint install instructions. I just want to know how to use the cloud based web apps to edit a file ‘in the cloud’.

Is the Web apps program actually active? does it work with the RC? Is it currently US only?

Any ideas?



2 Responses to “Office Web apps”

  1. Biggus Dickus Says:

    I tried once to figure that out earlier in the beta cycle and I was so frustrated by it I just went on to something else. I think it might require an SP Enterprise license and the admin checking a box on a form to allow for Excel Services (like Access Services) to work. Then you can open a file that’s in a Doc Library on SP in the browser and apparently you can edit it. Sounds cool but I reserve my opinions yet :-)

    Glad to hear you got out and did some skiing with the Clan. No jealousy here ..


  2. Doug Glancy Says:

    To add to Dick’s comment, I’ve found a site that has free trial hosting for Access Services, but haven’t found anything for Excel. Follow the link on this page:
    Note that it says Office 2010 beta, but the site now requires you to have the RC.

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