Be careful out there

Just in case you thought the most serious biscuit issue of our time was whether jaffa cakes are a biscuit or cake, look at this.

If their figures are to believed (and why should we?) nearly half of us have suffered a biscuit injury. Presumably excluding fat-knacker-itis.

I’ll fess up to scalding my tongue dunking rich teas, but of course its illegal to eat them dry, not to mention close to impossible. And the mess left if they drop into your Yorkshire tea is the slime whose name we speaketh not.

In fairness you have to be pretty sharp to get a look into the biscuit barrel at our house:

Whats your worst biscuit related injury you can talk about on a public blog?

(Extra points if caused by a bourbon)



2 Responses to “Be careful out there”

  1. Biggus Dickus Says:

    This is the closest I can find to physical injury due to Tim Hortons (a Canadian icon of coffee and donut drive-ins where the apostrophe somehow was considered too complex for their typical customer (which is EVERY Canadian at one time or another).

    p.s. Tom Horton was a “Journeyman” hockey player whose main claim to fame (besides having his name on all these donut shops) was dying in a police chase when he was caught speeding in his Pantera on the Queen Elizabeth Way and drove off a bridge that was not finished yet… oops.

  2. Bob Phillips Says:

    Just thought that I should point out that a Rich Tea sandwich, two biscuits buttered and joined, is not only delicious, but does not need dunking (but does benefit from the tea).

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