Finally the EU do something right

Delighted to see Cumberland sausage got the nod recently.

As it happens we had had fake Cumberland sausage for tea last night.

It seems to have taken just less than 3 years, which is probably a speed record for the EU to do something. I wonder how much the process cost?

Once the Americans have taken all the words out of the language (‘gaga’, ‘app’ ‘face’ etc etc) and the EU has taken all the geography out, how will we communicate?

Rainy county style sausage?

on-line store that sells software applications and programs (TM)?

front of yer heed? fizzog?

I’m all for not misleading people and differentiation etc but this land grab is going too far. I remember one of the mountain bike companies trying this a few years back, the whole of the rest of the industry including all the press gave them such a slap they never tried it again. It took them years to recover their credibility.

Don’t get me started on software patents…

What is your most annoying (bleedin obvious perhaps) patent or tm or word grab?



8 Responses to “Finally the EU do something right”

  1. Rob Says:

    Didn’t someone try to patent curry?

  2. dougaj4 Says:

    Since this is an Excel blog (isn’t it? ;)) I’m going to nominate the Microsoft Sparkline Patent:

  3. Matt Says:

    All over the country, there’ll be black market non-Cumberland Cumberland sausage makers selling ‘Cumberland’ sausages (nod-nod, wink-wink).

  4. Bob Phillips Says:


  5. Bob Phillips Says:

    Oops, just saw Matt’s post!

  6. Simon Says:

    It is very relevant though, mind you, I think Doug should get the credit for mentioning it, Matt is more worried about black market trade in illicit sausages. Gotta love quote marks: ‘Cumberland’ style.
    Dunno which is more scary a world without Cumberland sausages or world with no curry.

  7. Adam Vero Says:

    One of the items mentioned in the BBC article is faintly daft too: Stilton cheese must come from one of three counties in England (anyone name them for geek kudos without looking it up?). The village of Stilton is not in any of them, and therefore you can’t make Stilton in Stilton. Strange but true.

    I’ve invented a brilliant piece of furniture which I have decided to call the iTable (TM). It is a large flat piece of wood standing on several long thin pieces, and on which you can place a tablet or laptop computer, or smart phone or other personal elecctronic device, and therefore this is an iTable, not just any common or garden “table” which could not possibly be used for the same… oh. I’ll get my coat.

  8. Bob Phillips Says:

    @Adam, got two, missed the one furthest West. Must Admit I didn’t know Stilton is in the county it is in. Apparently, Stilton is contesting it, they say they have a recipe from 1722.

    I presume iTable is marketed by Apple, therefore I must have one. Where can I get it?

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