My kind of system

Saw this and it made me laff

“The software has been developed in-house over the last 18 months, … it is a mature product that has been in production use for approaching 2 years.”

I am a huuge fan of early delivery, but even I have never delivered a system before starting it.

Have you?



One Response to “My kind of system”

  1. Rob Says:

    I’ve delivered loads of ‘systems’ before they’re even started – it’s a very familiar story: Some sales idiot asks you to mock up a report, takes it off to the client, sells the concept, collects a lovely slice of commission, and then tells you that “we start production with next week’s data”. You then spend weeks trying to find time to develop a robust production system while spending most of your time manually creating the report and coping with daily change requests.
    I’m pretty sure that this is something that’s repeated in many companies as the end of every sales quarter approaches.

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