Office 2016 Migration issues

I have been doing some Office migration stuff recently and came across a couple of issues I wondered if anyone else has seen. and perhaps has a solution?

Word 2016

From time to time gets very upset at docs with form fields in and scatters the text all over the screen, like toys from a pram. Seems to be related to printing, possibly quick print, but printed docs come out fine. So it looks like the printer driver is upsetting the screen driver somehow. Swapping printers ‘fixes’ the issue. Anyone seen this?

Excel 2016

Application.getfilename manages to get a filename Excel can’t use? I have had to go and add a file type to the file saveas stuff, fair enough. But the (non null) file name is not acceptable??

I thinks this might be related to server paths or something?

(this is a remote project so troubleshooting is a bit of a challenge – any ideas?)



4 Responses to “Office 2016 Migration issues”

  1. Patrick O'Beirne, spreadsheet auditor Says:

    I’m not sure what you mean by a filename that Excel can’t use. Is it over the 216 char Excel limit?

  2. Simon Says:

    no, not over the limit, I think it is not picking up the path or something. the error is ‘cannot save to http://filename.xlsx or something. instead of C:\filename.xlsx

  3. plagwitz Says:

    Might this be related to Options.PreferCloudSaveLocations ?

  4. Simon Says:

    Yep, that sounds exactly like the sort of thing!
    I’ll check it out with the client, Thanks a million

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