Name conflict

Anyone seen this before?
name box box cannot resemble a reference:
name conflict

I got this when trying to switch from A1 notation to R1C1 with a certain spreadsheet. I checked all the names visible and hidden, and none contain non printing chars or anything that could be mistaken for an R1C1 ref.

Of course in writing this post I have thought of loads of ways to investigate further. Also of course I can’t reproduce the behavior anymore. D’oh!

I guess I could pick through file names and dates to see if those dated around the time of this jpeg exhibit this behavior. Maybe tomorrow.

Unless any of you know whats going on?



9 Responses to “Name conflict”

  1. Stephane Rodriguez Says:

    The Ax R1C1 switch leads to an internal locale change, which may conflict with either 1) your regional settings 2) the locale of your Excel version 3) the registry tweaks related to languages 4) the locale saved in the Excel file.

    This is a bug in Excel.

    Another example of such bug is this :

    (pops up when the file opens)

  2. Marcus Says:

    Hi Simon,

    I’ve had a similar experienec with worksheet names. I can’t recall the exact set of circumstances but in one particular workbook Excel wouldn’t let me name a worksheet “Export” claiming it was a reserved name (or something along those lines).

    Regards –

  3. Jon Peltier Says:

    Marcus –

    You probably thought of this, but there’s no hidden sheet named “Export”, is there?

  4. sam Says:

    Export is not a reserved sheet name but History is….try renaming a sheet as History…

  5. Charles Says:

    You can get corrupted Defined Names, mostly when importing from Lotus.

    Usually these corrupted names cannot be deleted, but toggling from A1 to R1C1 mode triggers a check that enables you to rename them so that you can then delete them.

  6. Marcus Says:

    That was it – it was History not Export.

    Drove me absolutely crazy. Yes I did check for hidden worksheets.

  7. sam Says:

    Marcus – you probably know this already but …History is the name given to the very hidden sheet by excel when you chose track changes features in a shared workbook….

  8. Marcus Says:

    Hi Sam,

    No, you’ve enlightened me on that one. But I also never track and certainly don’t enable workbook sharing (it’s an accident waiting to happen).


  9. sam Says:

    Marcus, yes I dont use workbook sharing either…I dont trust it.. also you would have noticed that once you share a workbook with say 10 users you often get a file size bloat… so you could have say 100 lines of data in a sheet but the file size would be unusually large … like 30 MB !!


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