Windows XP meow

More lives than your average

a cat

Perhaps we should rename in Frankendows – the Windows they could not kill?

At this rate it will outlast Vista, its now going to be available for small cheap lappers and desktops till 2010 (XP that is not Vista!)

I find this whole thing fascinating. On the one hand MS have been yapping on for years about software as a service. They rebuilt their whole dev tool stack for the web world and prepared for browser based access to ‘the cloud’ (real name ‘the fog’ c JP).

On the other hand they have continued to increase the client hardware requirements to run their basic OS.

Its like they have 2 opposing factions the world-finally-going-thin-client gang and the eye-candy-squander-resources-gang (very very likely related to the effluent ui team ;-)).

I think the thin client gang are heading for major bragging rights, what do you think?

Mind you if the thin client folks have been predicting this since the 90’s (they have, if not earlier), you can understand some people losing patience. It’s like all those pundits forecasting a housing crash (/’price correction’) – they’re all saying ‘I told you so’ this last couple of months, but the reality is they have been whining on for the best part of 10 years, and have been consistently wrong until the last few months.




2 Responses to “Windows XP meow”

  1. Harlan Grove Says:

    The thin client folks don’t bring in the revenue. Microsoft is in business to make money. They’ve tried, Oh! how they’ve tried, to do so by other means than selling shrinkwrapped software, but software is all they’ve really figured out how to sell at significant profit margins. (OK, also Xboxes, but they’re not going to keep Microsoft’s P/E high.) They need to keep selling shrinkwrapped boxes and OEM licenses, so the fat client folks will keep winning until Microsoft figures out how to make as much money doing other things.

    As for Windows XP Home, regardless of whose fault it was, from OEMs’ perspective it was a mistake. I suspect they might have asked Microsoft whether Microsoft would prefer to extend XP’s lifetime or see custom Linux installs as an option on low-end machines. Comforting to believe, even if not true, that Linux may be a club OEMs can use to persuade Microsoft to do what the OEMs want some of the time.

    Wonder what this’ll do to sales of Vista Home Basic, the most useless version of Windows since ME.

  2. MacroMan Says:

    fyi, an MS evangelist is my “FaceBook” friend. I chatted with her online and I suggested VSTO Express. She said “that’s a great idea”, and said she’ll relay it to the appropriate parties. Hopefully it comes out soon : )

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