Visual studio to get calamity UI

Messaging aside, what’s in the VS pipeline, according to Schlimmer?

For VS10:

(From all about MS)

Surely points 1 and 2 are saying they want to disorientate all their ‘professional’ developers next?

Whats really scary is what MJ reckons they’ll have in a future version:

  • Visual Studio Tools for Applications (VSTA) used for macros, plus other “end-user extensibility” improvements
  • The ability to create more add-ins in managed code

Which would you prefer a new ‘look and feel’ (feel the pain…) or the ability to interact in a reliable way with other core MS products.

A while ago I was bemoaning the fact that Office has no community gurus (since pointed out that they do have a few ex VS/VBA devs on staff in the Excel team), and VS has loads. I’m not sure its helped if thats their priorities!

I know the VS crowd are obsessed with new new new, and completely unobsessed with anything to do with Office but I do think there is room for improvement on their current Office interaction story.

Are you looking forward to losing all your commands in VS10?



2 Responses to “Visual studio to get calamity UI”

  1. Dennis Wallentin Says:


    Given the high pace at Redmont developing new ‘excitement’ versions does not explicit means that we need to follow. After all, future version of VS, Windows and Office compete to a high degree with any previously version of these tools.

    For me it looks like MSFT is only listen to the group of enterprises and only target this group with future versions.

    Sure, it’s great with all the “whistle and bells” but when it comes to real production then we cannot see any needs for all the good technology stuff.

    I’m convinced that MSFT is working hard to find a new development platform for native Office solutions and to replace VBA. However, if the new tool will be as complex as VSTO / Managed COM add-in are then I doubt it will be any success. The only workable path is to release something less complex like VBA.

    Kind regards,

  2. Ross Says:

    Reading that Simon I think they mean they will put VSTA into VS2010, not for use in/with otther products – not sure why, when you can write addin for VS so easily anyway?

    I’m agree with dennis, it’s like VS2003 isnt that much better than 2008, for 90% of stuff that poeple actually do. It’s to a large extent fashion I guess. It’s like black websites, I hope that goes out of vouge soon!

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