Excel developer conference thanks

Thanks to everyone who came to the event last week.

And thanks to everyone that helped out, and a special big thanks to our magnificent presenters.

I hope everyone enjoyed themselves and found something useful.

The on the ball presenters have already sent me links to their stuff, the rest of us aren’t there yet. I will give it a few days and try and publish them altogether, this week at some point.

Bad news for those of you hoping for video – it was the one thing that got dropped due to too much other stuff going on. I think our excellent sponsors F1F9 may share some of their stuff but that’s more interviews and atmosphere stuff.

I’ll try harder next time I promise. Sorry.

And next time may well be in Manchester in July, unless the pub talk of a US event actually comes off. If you would have seen us carrying all our presenter kit and conference goodies for everyone on the way to the event, you would understand.

Anyway never mind all the grovelling apologies, we have the next event to look forward to. I am thinking we should do something Eusprig week (July) in Manchester. Partly to give potential delegates more justification to attend one or both events, and partly to encourage the two crowds to connect more.

We will have a tug of war to decide once and for all if spreadsheet errors are important, or usually resolved by other parts of the info system. If the tug of war is inconclusive we can have tag team wrestling about whether lots of names is a good thing or a bad thing. I’ll definitely video this as underpants over trousers is a classic comedy hit.





2 Responses to “Excel developer conference thanks”

  1. Stephen Allen Says:


    From my perspective most of the thanks belong to you for arranging the concept and venue and encouraging the presenters.

    At some stage, I would like to give a practical demo of my company’s software. However, I’ve had my time in the spotlight. Would you hold that thought in reserve for the summer seminar or a later event?

  2. xlrocks Says:

    Thanks for a very nice event. Looking forward on what you might have collect for download, anyhow your type of even is in what I believe 30% on direct professional and the rest is social with a great business potential. Still wondering a lot about bridges…

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