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Rare Excel blunder reported

Thursday, 28th February, 2013

Blunders arent rare, of course, but fessing up in public is…

no matter how obtuse.

Sorry for lack of progress info on the conf. I have only just identified which country I will probably be in for the next few months. Progress should improve (well begin ,-))




secure security

Wednesday, 6th February, 2013

Got this recently:


Surprise surprise I chose… Disable!

If you are running 2010 and have VBA in password to open protected .xlsms then they should probably be in a trusted location if you want the VBA to run. (I didn’t try very hard but there didn’t seem to be an easy way to trust the doc, maybe temporarily taking the pw off it, trusting it, then redo pw, would work).

Unless you have AV that can scan them (which products do?).



Drinks venue Tue 5th Feb 6:30pm

Sunday, 3rd February, 2013

Here ya go:

Henrys bar

Unit C, West India Quay, London E14 4AX

Lets meet up here around 6:30-/7:00 on this Tuesday the 5th Feb, for a few drinks.

If you have been before you know the score, if you are thinking of coming for the first time please do, we don’t bite. We are easy to spot

Topics of conversation:

  1. why that lazy arse Simon hasn’t sorted our conference out yet.
  2. whats the point of Office 365
  3. Why didnt we arrange to meet up on Ann Summers night?
  4. current state of the Excel/VBA/.net/SQL market
  5. Any other biz

See you there



Rate cut rumours

Sunday, 3rd February, 2013

Just as we thought we might be surfacing from our double dip depression, news hits that we are entering a triple (great for vodka or pastis (or both ;-))), not so great for the economy.

That might explain the rumour of that one large financial crimes institute (whose name rhymes with car keys) has just lopped 10% off contractor rates. I assume the management has identified a significant benefit to pissing off all the productive workers.

It seems I was mistaken in seeing the green shoots of recovery on Jobserve. In fairness there has been a few sub 200 per day jobs that required the earth, or perhaps its the same one with all the agencies taking it in turns to try and fill.

Its coming up the contract expiry time for me so I’m watching this sort of stuff closely, and also a little preoccupied, in case you are wondering why the conf etc has not progressed. I need to see where I am likely to be in March before finalising details.

Pub details for Tue to follow